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Do you believe that Love is Painful?
Are you in a toxic Relationship not knowing how to cope with all the challenges?

Join Dubai’s Most Trusted Emotional Healer, Leadership Mentor and Author Marko Mladenovic In This 4-Week Journey As He Helps You Transform All Relationships So that You Can Start Experiencing Beautiful Shifts In Your Relationship with Yourself, your Partner & your Life.

Why This Journey

The Conscious & Healthy Relationships is a 4-Week Journey, and a week-by-week program guided by Dubai’s Most Trusted Emotional Healer, Leadership Mentor and Author of two Best Selling Books, Marko Mladenovic. In this 4-week program Marko will take you trough most powerful exercises which will help you:

Elevate your Understanding of how Woman and Man think, behave and function differently.

Expand your energetic capacity to increase your Feminine or Musculine Energy.

Expand Yourself On 7 Key Levels Of Creating An Conscious and Healthy Relationships

We were all taught that Healthy Relationships should come by itself if people are meant to be with each other, removing behaviours that are holding you back, working harder, or learning new skills, knowledge or strategies.

All this is just a tiny part of the Conscious and Healthy equation. According to Marko, Relationships are primarily about EXPANDING 7 Remarkoble Skills of your being:

Harness Courage and Embrace Honesty

Uncover and Create Alignment

Live Consciously

Heartfelt Understanding

Give Your partner what they really Need

Create and Build Trust and Respect

Reclaim triple “P”

And this is exactly what Marko will help you with. You will be guided through an extremely powerful, transformational, time-tested and easy-to-follow process where you will be gradually and gracefully expanding yourself on all levels.


What Students Say About This

4-Week Journey!
I am on the right path and have found the right place to go to!
FROM Saudia Arabia

Being in the Middle East I had some challenging times balancing culture, religion and Relationships. I always knew deep within me that I was different. I saw this in many people around me. I knew I had to unlock the power within me first before I could help everyone around me. Now I understand my Musculine and Fiminine energy which brings peace to my mind.

Conscious and Healthy Relationships Program works better than anything
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FROM United States

Finally I get it!"

just can’t thank you enough for this program Marko! Truly amazing! I just finished the week 3 exercise , I don't even know what to say - beyond words! Finally I get it!

Marko’s tools and techniques resulted in a massive improvement in all my Relationships

The sort of positive changes that I thought to be impossible without magic. Marko’s insight and strategies were key for me in breaking past attachments, understanding myself and other women/men better. I am ready to step into a new life full of Healthy Relationships!

4 Things

That Make This 4-Week Journey So Unique

Where are you now?

Most other programs focus on just providing information, telling you to work harder, and seeking new strategies. According to Marko, this is an old paradigm and energy patter of struggle which can only take you so far.

Besides helping you to shift your perspective from superficial topics to deep and most important knowledge, this program focuses primarily on:

Expanding your Understanding about Wo/Man

Owning your primal energetic capacity

Learn how to create your Ideal Relationship

Expanding into, and embodying your higher Conscious self


Dubai’s Most Trusted Emotional Healer and Leadership Mentor Comes To You

People are paying thousands of dollars to fly from all corners of the planet to work and experience Marko’s transformational approach in his home base Dubai or Europe.

In this program Marko Mladenovic comes to you.


All Of The Most Transformational Modalities In One Program

The truth is, different people respond differently to different modalities.

Marko always uses and combines a wide range of techniques and modalities to help you expand your capacity to go to the next level, create and start living a Healthy and Conscious Relationship.


Meet Your Guide, Coach & Healer:

Marko Mladenovic

On top of being certified internationally in more than 40 different disciplines, such as Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis and Time Paradigm Specialist, Marko is also extremely versed in energy work, wellbeing and wisdom of trigger points.

He has worked with some of the biggest companies and institutions on our planet like Nike, NYU and ADNOC. He has also worked with many successful people, famous athletes and CEO’s.

He is a leadership mentor, author of two best-selling books, and founder of 'Remarkoble Healing' Process. His presence has been impacting and transforming people's lives all over the world.

Worked with:

Marko is not only teaching and helping others create Conscious and Healthy Relationships— he is living and embodying it like not many people in the world.

He is living a healthy, abundant, purposeful, fulfilling and adventurous life, traveling all over the world, and hosting private events and retreats in the world’s most exotic/ unusual locations.

All of this while improving the livelihood of people worldwide, unlocking new levels of human potential today and for generations to come.

Through his programs, retreats, courses and one-on-one work Marko has been positively impacting thousands of human lives using his unique, potent and powerful transformational tools and modalities, and helping people experience almost unbelievable breakthroughs, shifts and transformations in their wellbeing, relationships, and all other dimensions of life.

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