My Story

I was born and raised in a small town in Slovenia, as a child I had experienced many traumatic situations within my family, where the fear of survival was quite enormous. Having seen my parents physically and emotionally punishing one another on a regular basis, had left a deep scar within me. Even at school with my friends, I never felt good enough or adequate. My parents were immigrants and came from poor beginnings. Being confident and believing in myself, or even dreaming for a good life simply was just not an option at the time.

This had a real impact on my life

I was pretty lost and easily influenced by people around me, mostly in a negative manner. I was also emotionally unstable, weak, and felt sick on a regular basis. Eventually I channeled all of this pain, frustration and anger by playing football, as I managed to reach a professional level, which only lasted for a short while. When I turned 20, I decided to leave home in search for the answers that would help me resolve my mental & emotional struggle. I was somewhat desperate for a sense of clarity. I wanted to truly know who I am and why I was born in order to make sense of my suffering. In my search, I worked in many different fields across Europe and Australia, up until I found myself in the UAE, which has become my home for the past 15 years.

In the course of my discoveries, I had the chance and privilege to work, study and learn directly from some of the wisest humans and their deep understandings of human spirit, mind and emotions.

I so rapidly evolved that the lines between what's possible and what’s not completely disappeared. What truly became evident to me is that “Anything is possible! We just need to find the how.” Which also isn’t too hard like we have been made to believe. It only requires a more thorough insight of who we are innately as individuals.

Refusing to settle for less, and by insisting on finding the most effective techniques and tools known to us so far, I fully sharpened my skills and widened my capacity to help others.
This is how the “Remarkoble 5-step Journey” was born. This process is a holistic solution for anyone who is looking to Transform their Mindset to eliminate stress and create lasting Inner-Peace.

My process is both scientific and methodical which has successfully helped many people, who have rapidly become like friends or family to me throughout this process. My technique has reached a wide range of different individuals; from Royal families, professionals, athletes, to stay-at-home mum’s. What they all share in common is that they went from miserable to happy, from desperate to confident, from struggle to peace, all because of simple yet profound Remarkoble 5-Steps Journey.

Whatever it is you are looking for, I am confident that we can find a way, together!

See you in Joy,


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